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Overall Forum Rules

Post  Admin -Cameron on Tue Dec 27, 2011 5:50 pm

I know, we all hate rules. But to make this site stay safe for our users, especially our younger users, we have to have rules. ):

1. NO SPAMMING. SPAM stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Message, such as "heeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and posting/sending random messages.
2. Do not type using all caps. ex; HEY. WAT IS UP?
3. Please do not use abbreviations for words. We understand if you are typing a very long message and would like to abbreviate a long word but please do not abbreviate messages such as; "heyyyyyy. how r u?" you should type "Hey, how are you?"
4. Please do not be rude to other members. Ex; "Your lame. You only have 1 airsoft gun and it is from Walmart." Keep your opinions to YOURSELF.
5. Only Staff (Owners and Admin) are allowed to type in caps to emphasize rules or text.
6. Only Staff (Owners and Admin) are allowed to type in Red or Blue
7. No using more than 2 punctuation at the end of a message. ex; Instead of !!!!!!!!!!!!! or ??????????????? use !! or ??

Breaking or misusing any rules or forums, will result in and infraction or even a ban from the website.

After signing up, please post your reply to this post and agree to these rules.
Ex; I, ___________, have read the rules and I agree to follow them at my best ability.

Thank you.
-Cameron (Admin)

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